Greetings from the Safe Ship® Franchise Corporation

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

The thought of having your own business can fill your mind with many emotions: The joy of watching your business grow and prosper, the financial reward of your labors and hard work, the pride of success, the contentment of establishing your financial freedom and security.

Generic Mission

But there are also a lot of questions along the way: How do I get started? How do I do it right? Should I advertise? What about employees? What additional services do I need to offer? What should I do to promote the business to the local trade area? Should I give credit accounts to local businesses? How can I get more people to stop it my business? Can I help someone move their household to England? How do we pick up a Grandfather Clock in Montana and have it delivered to Miami? After I learn the day to day, how do I grow my business? Who can help me with my questions in the future?

This is what Safe Ship does. Safe Ship is your mentor. Your business partner and your business coach. We are there with you through the start up and the everyday operation of your store. We are also there to keep you informed and trained in the latest trends and services in the pack ‘n ship industry. As you learn the business and gain experience we will be there with ideas to help you grow and prosper.

Safe Ship is looking for committed, hard-working entrepreneurs who want to invest their time into making a mark in the packing and shipping industry and realizing the financial gain of their hard work. We are grooming a network of forward thinking entrepreneurs to turn the packing and shipping industry upside down while growing their investment into a profitable business.